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help preserve and restore historic aircraft

Make a One-Time Donation

Donate your Car, Truck, RV, Airplane or Other Asset

Help us preserve and restore historic aircraft...

We all have dreams that our lives count for something that lives far beyond our time on earth.  By donating to HAPS, you will be helping to preserve priceless aerial artifacts that will tell important stories far into the future.  These donations mean that your legacy will live on.  

Help HAPS meet the mission by donating funds or assets.  


Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, Inc. is a Texas, not-for-profit, vintage aircraft flight museum.  We are recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt corporation.  All donations to HAPS are tax deductible.  Several donation programs are available including full, and sale / donations.  

Donate today, get a big tax deduction...  and help save historic aircraft.   Write us to find out how you can get cash... AND a big tax donation when you donate assets.  


Contact us at for more information...

Ask us how you can get CASH and a big tax deduction with a Sale / Donation.  

There are Several Ways to Give:

1.   I'd like to donate much needed funds for the restoration and preservation of historic aircraft.  Checks and Credit Cards accepted.

2.   I'd like to donate an asset, such as a car, airplane, motorhome, travel trailer, or other asset.

3.  I'd like more info on your Asset Donation / Sale Program.  I understand I might be able to get both cash and a tax donation.  Tell me more...

About us

Our current project is the restoration of a rare 1931 Fleet Model 8 biplane.  Its the last flying Model 8 in the world.  I was once owned by a famous WWII bomber pilot, Capt. Fred J. McConnell.   They named McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita, KS after Fred and his two brothers.   


The plane has a facinating story of love, war, tragedy and restoration.   Read more at .  

For more info on HAPS click HERE...

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Thank you for inquiring about our Donation Program.   

I am available to talk with you about your donation and legacy gift.  Please click the buttons above today, and start the conversation.  

We'll treat you with respect.  We'll use your donation to fund the restorations.  You'll have the satisfaction of knowing your funds are being use for a noble and good purpose.

Contact us at to discuss the tax and expense benefits of a donation.


Gerald Oliver



Please contact me about donations:

Gerald Oliver

President, HAPS

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