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WIN this historic propeller.

WIN this historic prop and display it in your home, hangar, or man cave.


This prop comes directly from a 1931 Fleet Model 8 biplane.   Its the LAST flying Model 8 in the world, and was owned by a famous WWII pilot.   

These images show the actual propeller recently removed from the aircraft.   Now in need of restoration, we have decided to hold a sweepstakes fund raiser.  We are giving away the prop to a lucky WINNER.  All proceeds go towards restoration of the airplane.

This prop will look great on your mantle
Vintage Fleet Biplane
Captain Fred J. McConnell, USAAF

Capt Fred J. McConnell, USAAF

Jim Burmgamer

Jim Burmgarner

Why this prop is important

This is the last flying Fleet Model 8 biplane left in the world.   The plane was manufactured in 1931 and helped to train a generation of pilots before WWII.  


In 1945, the plane was owned and flown by Army Capt. Fred McConnell.  While flying low with his wife he hit high tension wires.   The plane crashed and Fred was killed.   His wife escaped injury, but was distraught and allowed the pieces to lay in the farmer’s field for 37 years.   The center section became a chicken coup, the tail a windmill.  


Fred McConnell had survived over 50 missions as a B-24 pilot in the war.  But he tragically died in a Kansas wheat field on a cloudy day at age 26.   In 1954, while the parts remained in the field, the Air Force renamed their Wichita, KS, airfield “McConnell Air Force Base” in honor of Fred and his two pilot brothers.  


Jim Bumgarner, a Korea War Air Force Vet, aircraft mechanic, and university instructor, drove to the field in the mid 80’s and picked up the remaining pieces.   He started rebuilding the plane and flew it again in 1995…  exactly 50 years after the crash.  


Now owned by the non-profit Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, the plane is getting much needed restoration work.   It will fly on into the future as a testament to the Flying McConnell Brothers, Jim Bumgarner, and all our veterans.   

More history of this Fleet Model 8.   

please donate today

We need your help to keep this historic aircraft flying.  Please donate today by purchasing tickets to this sweepstakes fund raiser.   We are thankful for your support and hope you WIN this propeller.  

Thank you...

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