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The Story of Maj. Charles Carpenter and
"Rosie the Rocketeer"

Piper-L4 Profile.
U.S. Army officer and observation pilot in the 4th Armored Division.

Charles Carpenter was a U.S. Army officer and observation pilot in the 4th Armored Division.  The 4th was the spearhead of Gen. George Patton’s Third Army as they pushed across Europe during WWII.  The Piper he was assigned to fly was a 70 mph, fabric covered plane of pre-war design.  


Low and slow above the enemy, Grasshopper pilots radioed information back to the artillery, helping them improve their aim and effectiveness.   Dangerous and deadly, many observer pilots did not survive.  


Carpenter wanted to get back at the enemy so he innovated.  He mounted bazooka rockets under the wings and went tank hunting.   This action earned him the nickname, “Bazooka Charlie”.   Maj. Carpenter was credited with destroying four tanks and several armored cars.   He was a favorite of Patton for his bold, aggressive actions. 


Carpenter named his plane, “Rosie the Rocketeer”. 

Pilots Fixing a Plane in Its Hanger

Maj. Carpenter's Military Record


Battles / Wars:

World War II


      Silver Star w/Oak Leaf Cluster

      Bronze Star

      Air Medal w/Oak Leaf Cluster

      American Campaign Medal

      European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal

      World War II Victory Medal

      Army of Occupation Medal

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