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Used RV

and help preserve and restore historic aircraft

Four classes RV

There are significant benefits to donating your RV.   When it sits unused, it is costing you money... storage  rent, insurance, maintenance. It is going down in value each day because of depreciation.   

Now you can eliminate all those expenses, and get a big tax donation.  

The Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, Inc. is a Texas not-for-profit air museum.  We are recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt corporation.  All donations to HAPS are tax deductible.

Cut your expenses, stop losing value, get a big tax deduction...  and help save historic aircraft.   


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About us

Vintage and historical aircraft are being left to decay and rot in increasing numbers. They have been pushed out into the weeds and discarded like unwanted trash. Without effort, these historic planes will be lost forever.

The Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation dedicated to preserving, restoring, flying, and displaying historic aircraft from the 1930's to the 1950's. We are working to restore the planes and tell the stories of the aviators who pushed back the boundaries of the sky.

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Thank you for inquiring about our RV Donation Program.   


We start out dreaming of the romance of hitting the open road.   I know I did.  Bought a Class C, then moved up to a Class A.   But then life gets in the way.   Kids, school, work..  And your RV just sits...  costing you money.

Would you consider donating that used RV, and allow us to put it to work helping to restore and preserve historic and vintage aircraft?   We will treat you and your RV with respect.  We'll use the RV to fund the restorations.  You'll have the satisfaction of knowing your RV is being use for a noble and good purpose.

Contact us at to discuss the tax and expense benefits of donating your RV.


Gerald Oliver



Please contact me about your used RV.

Gerald Oliver

President, HAPS

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